Teach Cancer A Lesson

A brighter future for young people with cancer

A cancer diagnosis is a devastating moment for any young person.

But it shouldn’t have to mean losing years of education, leaving ambitions unfulfilled.

We say that young people diagnosed with cancer must be supported to reach their full potential.

The Government has the chance to step up – and ensure that a cancer diagnosis isn’t the end of the road for young people’s dreams.

Find out how and why here.

Campaign Supporters

Sarah, Duchess of York

Cancer campaigner

”I am proud to support Teach Cancer A Lesson. I know first-hand how devastating a cancer diagnosis can be. Through my work with Teenage Cancer Trust, I have witnessed how cancer threatens to destroy everything young people care about – their independence, identity, and dreams. No young person should then have to face the additional pain and worry for something as fundamental as their education.”

Sir Anthony Seldon

Leading British educator and historian

“Young people diagnosed with cancer must be better supported in their education during an extremely challenging time, helping to give them hope for a brighter future.”

Sir David Carter

National Schools Commissioner, 2016-2018

“Of all the challenges a child with cancer faces in their treatment and recovery, the last thing they should have to worry about is a lack of adequate educational resources. That is why I am delighted to support Teach Cancer A Lesson.”

Baroness Estelle Morris

Secretary of State for Education, 2001-2002

“Education is important for everyone and that includes children with cancer. Everything possible must be done to try to make sure that these children don’t fall behind – but just as important is that they are able to be part of the excitement and satisfaction that good teaching brings.”

Dorothy Byrne

President, Murray Edwards College, University of Cambridge

“Children diagnosed with cancer have to bear great suffering and experience huge challenges. Their education should not be one of them – it cannot be right that children face a postcode lottery on the level of educational support they receive. That is why I fully support this campaign.”

Abigail Shapiro

Co-Founder and Executive Director, Tutor Trust

“It is vital that children with cancer are properly supported in their education, giving them the best hope for the future.”

Nick Bent FRSA

CEO, upReach and former CEO, Tutor Trust

“Children with cancer face so many hurdles on their road to recovery. We must ensure that every educational resource is available to them.”

Charlotte Fairall

Founder, Sophie’s Legacy

“Having had a child with cancer, we saw first-hand the impact treatment had on our daughter. When she returned to school her immediate needs were addressed – but there is so little awareness of the long-term effects of treatment. Too often, children with cancer miss out on a substantial amount of education. It is essential their needs are met by having an EHCP in place. That is why we are backing this campaign.”

Jim Carter and Imelda Staunton

Actors and cancer campaigners

“We are delighted to support this brilliant initiative.”

Sir Michael Wilshaw

Chief Inspector of Schools in England and Head of Ofsted, 2012-2016

“A child’s education is imperative to their growth and development. We cannot allow a cancer diagnosis to be a barrier to that.”

Professor Georg Holländer

Hoffmann and Action Medical Research Professor of Developmental Medicine and Head of the Department of Paediatrics, University of Oxford

“We must highlight the hurdles faced by children in education when dealing with a cancer diagnosis. No child should be left behind and that is why I am delighted to support this campaign.”

Lucy Heller

CEO, Ark

“When a child is diagnosed with cancer, the last thing they or their family should have to worry about is disruption to their education and schooling.”

Professor Deborah Eyre

Founder and Chair, High Performance Learning

“The physical and mental effect of a cancer diagnosis on a child is often a prolonged ordeal. As a result, we must ensure they have every educational resource at their disposal in their recovery.”

Rt Rev. Stephen Wright

Catholic Bishop of Hexham and Newcastle

“A cancer diagnosis, especially for a child, is an unimaginable situation. It is therefore imperative to ensure that every child with cancer has the same opportunity as their peers to thrive in the classroom.”

Dame Joan Bakewell

Broadcaster, journalist, life peer

“A childhood cancer diagnosis is devastating for any young person and their family. We must ensure that every child has equal opportunities at school during their treatment and recovery”.

Mike Brearley OBE

Former England cricket captain and psychoanalyst

“For children with cancer, the requirement that there should be an Education Health and Care Plan would underpin and remind everyone of the many kinds of special consideration that are called for in this crisis for the child and the family.”

Ali Khan

Chief Executive, Alpha Schools

“Young people diagnosed with cancer must be given the tools to reach their full potential. That is why I am supporting this worthwhile campaign.”

Sir Mufti Hamid Patel CBE

Chief Executive, Star Academies

“A cancer diagnosis can be hugely damaging for any young person. They must be given all available resources to support them in their education during such a challenging period in their lives.”

Pamela Scriven K.C.

“Every child diagnosed with cancer faces enormous problems and deserves access to the highest levels of educational support. That is why I am supporting this campaign.”

Rt Rev. Samuel Corley

Bishop of Stockport

“I am delighted to support this campaign as I believe every young person battling cancer should have the right to a secure and fair education”

Les Walton CBE

Executive Chair, Association of Education Advisers

“As someone who has battled cancer, I understand the impact it can have on one’s life. But children with cancer also face the prospect of serious disruption to their education and life chances. That is why I fully endorse the mission of Teach Cancer A Lesson.”

Cllr. Tom Robinson

Manchester City Council Executive Member for Healthy Manchester and Adult Social Care

“I am delighted to support this wonderful initiative. Our young Mancunians with cancer deserve protection throughout their education when dealing with a cancer diagnosis. Teach Cancer A Lesson commits to that and provides the hope and support they need.”

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