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Teach Cancer A Lesson is a campaign to improve educational support for young people diagnosed with cancer.

Our Co-Chairs, Dame Kathryn August and Tim Lowe, have spent decades working in education.

They set up this campaign after seeing the difficulties faced by many young people with cancer, particularly in schools.

Kathy said: “As an experienced educator with decades of experience, I had always assumed that young people diagnosed with cancer would receive immediate educational support. I was shocked to discover that this was not the case. That is why I have launched this campaign: to maintain a laser-like focus on securing wrap-around educational support for every young person diagnosed with cancer.”

Tim added: “All too often young people fall through the cracks in the system and are not given the tools to reach their full potential when they return to school. During my time as a Headteacher and through my work in setting up the Little Princess Trust, I have seen first-hand the ordeal these young people go through. A school should always be a place where they are fully supported and given hope for the future.”